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Melanie Guile is an experienced Educational Editor and Instructional Designer. She has worked in distance education units for both public and private providers, developing training materials for accredited secondary, TAFE and university courses around Australia and overseas. As a project manager, she has led teams developing flexible learning materials for a wide range of trainees including translators, child care workers and insurance professionals.

Her instructional design skills have led to her being recognised internationally as a mentor and leader in the field. In 1997, she was appointed manager of a project to develop learning materials for the Commonwealth Youth Program (CYP) – a division of the Commonwealth of Nations. This project took her to India and involved leading instructional design teams in 43 countries around the globe.

Melanie was also invited to South Africa to help run training seminars in instructional design for youth leaders in an AusAid-funded program in Johannesburg. She has also worked in partnership with Aboriginal professionals to produce targeted learning materials for indigenous trainees.

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