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Adult non-fiction

Clyde School 1910-1975, An Uncommon History
Clyde Old Girls’ Association, 2006

Contributor to St Catherine’s – A Centenary Celebration 1896-1996
edited by D.E. and I.V. Hansen, The Helicon Press, 1996

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Children's non-fiction

MacMillan Australia titles

Stories from.. thumbnailStories from Australia’s History series

Captain Arthur Phillip and the First Fleet
Peter Lalor and the Eureka Stockade
Vida Goldstein’s Fight for Women’s Rights
Douglas Mawson’s Antarctic Expedition
The Anzacs and the Battle for Gallipoli.
Vincent Lingiari and the Wave Hill Walkout

Further titles in this series:

Burke and Wills’ Expedition to Cross Australia
Ned Kelly and the Kelly Gang
C.Y. O’Connor and the Goldfields Pipeline
Fanny Durack’s Olympic Quest
‘Weary’ Dunlop and the Burma Railway
Charles Perkins and the Freedom Ride
Blaxland, Wentworth and Lawson's Crossing of the Blue Mountainsi
The Story of Federation
Captain Cook's Voyage in the Endeavour
Captain Bligh and the Rum Rebellion
Eyre's Expedition Across the Nullarbor
Mary MacKillop's Path to Sainthood

Heinemann Library (Pearson Education) titles

Culture in… series: Thailand, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, China, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, North and South Korea, India, Australia, Malaysia, Vietnam

Islands of the South Pacific series: Fiji, Micronesia, Solomon Islands, Tonga, Vanuatu, Samoa, Tuvalu

Children in Australian History series: Little Felons, Bush Boys and Girls, Another Mouth to Feed, Baby Boomers

Gold in Australia series: The Gold Rushes, Life on the Goldfields, Famous People of the Gold Rush Era, How Gold Shaped Australia

What is Australia thumbnailWhat is Australia? series: The Land, The People, Plants and Animals, The Nation

World Issues Come to Australia series: Drought and El Nino, Violence, Extremism

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Thomson Nelson Sapphire non-fiction titles:

Animals on the Move

Make it Go!

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Children’s fiction


Revenge of the Green Genie (Scholastic Australia)

When Josie buys a curious old bottle at the local op-shop she gets more than she bargains for – the bottle contains a ‘green’ genie whose magic causes one disaster after another. But someone else becomes the target of Genie’s prickly temper and he’d better watch out!

This fast-paced and funny book will delight younger readers with its humorous plot, weaving magic and lively characters.

Mr Venus, Computer Wizard
(Scholastic Australia)

Jen discovers Mr Venus and his computer shop on a trip to the supermarket and quickly becomes friends with him. But there is something odd about Mr Venus. His mouse is named Click, he keeps a tabby cat in the window, and Jen is positive that the vacuum cleaner moves by itself. There is much more to this computer expert than meets the eye… 

This magical, humorous tale is packed full of talking animals, magical machines and sinister characters that will keep young readers spellbound.

Ghost Granny

What is Australia thumbnailWhen Granny dies, Anna and the rest of her family breathe a sigh of relief. She was a difficult old woman and not at all easy to live with. ‘Mad as a cut snake’, Dad called her. Anna’s family think they can now start to live peaceful lives...then the transparent form of what is unmistakably Granny appears at the dinner table…
Granny’s back, and she’s as cranky as ever!

This irreverent, lively book with its action-packed plot and other-worldly characters is guaranteed to engage young readers right up to the exciting climax. 

Thomson Nelson Bookweb titles:

Don’t Forget your Lunch!

Grandma’s Jumpers

Rigby Blueprints

Danger on the Snowy

Mad Mal – Desperado of the Diggings

Pearson Education

Pia’s Birthday Surprise

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